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They are not they listed in any media directory.  They are the private contacts given by the reporter, producer, or host.


American Family Radio Network
Christian Television Network
Calvary Radio Network
Daystar Television Network
Faith TV
Family News in Focus
FamilyNet Satellite Network
Info Radio Network
Salem Radio Network
Sky Angel
USA Radio Network

USA Radio Broadcasters:
State, City, Call lettersAK, Anchorage, KAFC-FM
AK, Nenana, KIAM-AM
AK, North Pole, KJHA-FM
AK, North Pole, KJNP-AM
AK, North Pole, KJNP-FM
AL, Anniston, WANA-AM
AL, Anniston, WGRW-FM
AL, Athens, WVNN-AM
AL, Birmingham, WGIB-FM
AL, Birmingham, WLJR-FM
AL, Carrollton, WALN-FM
AL, Clanton, WKLF-AM
AL, Cullman, WFMH-AM
AL, Dadeville, WELL-FM
AL, Dixon’s Mills, WMBV-FM
AL, Dothan, WGTF-FM
AL, Florala, WKWL-AM
AL, Gadsden, WJBY-AM
AL, Headland, WIZB-FM
AL, Huntsville, WOCG-FM
AL, Huntsville, WYFD-FM
AL, Irondale, WEWN-SW
AL, Jasper, WZPQ-AM
AL, Mobile, WBHY-AM
AL, Mobile, WBHY-FM
AL, Mobile, WLPR-AM
AL, Montgomery, WLBF-FM
AL, Oxford, WTBJ-FM
AL, Ozark, WQLS-AM
AL, Rainsville, WVSM-AM
AL, Sheffield, WBTG-AM
AL, Sheffield, WBTG-FM
AL, Sylacauga, WYEA-AM
AL, Tuscaloosa, WACT-AM
AR, El Dorado, KDMS-AM
AR, Fayetteville, KOFC-AM
AR, Helena, KJIW-FM
AR, Hot Springs, KALR-FM
AR, Little Rock, KAAY-AM
AR, Little Rock, KWLR-FM
AR, Newport, KNBY-AM
AR, Siloam Springs, KLRC-FM
AR, Warren, KWRF-AM
AZ, Lake Havasu City, KNLB-FM
AZ, Nogales, KNOG-FM
AZ, Parker, KWFH-FM
AZ, Phoenix, KFLR-FM
AZ, Phoenix, KPXQ-AM
AZ, Prescott, KGCB-FM
AZ, Sierra Vista, KRMB-FM
AZ, Sierra Vista, KWRB-FM
AZ, Tucson, KFLT-AM
AZ, Tucson, KVOI-AM
AZ, Window Rock, KWIM-FM
CA, Angwin, KNDL-FM
CA, Arnold, KCFA-FM
CA, Bakersfield, KAXL-FM
CA, Bakersfield, KERI-AM
CA, Burney, KIBC-FM
CA, Camarillo, KEYQ-AM
CA, Camarillo, KGZO-FM
CA, Camarillo, KLTX-AM
CA, Camarillo, KMRO-FM
CA, Ceres, KADV-FM
CA, Chico, ESPN
CA, Chico, KYIX-FM
CA, Fremont, KSFB-AM
CA, Fremont, KSFB-FM
CA, Fresno, KRDU-AM
CA, Glendale, KKLA-FM
CA, Glendale, KWRM-AM
CA, Glendale, KWRN-AM
CA, Los Angeles, KFSG-FM
CA, Merced, KAMB-FM
CA, Modesto, KCIV-FM
CA, Oakdale, KCBC-AM
CA, Oxnard, KDAR-FM
CA, Palmdale, KAVC-AM
CA, Quincy, KNLF-FM
CA, Rancho Mirage, KHCS-FM
CA, Redding, KVIP-AM
CA, Redding, KVIP-FM
CA, Riverside, KPRO-AM
CA, Sacramento, KEBR-AM
CA, Sacramento, KEBR-FM
CA, Sacramento, KEDR-FM
CA, Sacramento, KFIA-AM
CA, Sacramento, KFYE-FM
CA, Sacramento, KLOV-FM
CA, Sacramento, KLVA-FM
CA, Sacramento, KLVB-AM
CA, Sacramento, KLVC-FM
CA, Sacramento, KLVG-FM
CA, Sacramento, KLVH-FM
CA, Sacramento, KLVJ-FM
CA, Sacramento, KLVM-FM
CA, Sacramento, KLVN-FM
CA, Sacramento, KLVP-AM
CA, Sacramento, KLVP-FM
CA, Sacramento, KLVR-FM
CA, Sacramento, KLVU-FM
CA, Sacramento, KLVW-FM
CA, Sacramento, KLVY-FM
CA, Sacramento, KTKZ-AM
CA, Sacramento, KXLV-FM
CA, Sacramento, KYLV-FM
CA, Sacramento, KZLV-FM
CA, Salinas, KKMC-AM
CA, San Diego, KPRZ-AM
CA, San Luis Obispo, KLFF-AM
CA, San Luis Obispo, KLFF-FM
CA, Santa Ana, KWVE-FM
CA, Santa Cruz, KFER-FM
CA, Santa Maria, KGDP-AM
CA, Simi Valley, KHBN-FM
CA, Simi Valley, KVOH-SW
CA, Stockton, KYCC-FM
CA, Vacaville, KASK-FM
CA, Visalia, KARM-FM
CO, Aurora, KBJD-AM
CO, Aurora, KDKO-AM
CO, Aurora, KNUS-AM
CO, Aurora, KRKS-AM
CO, Aurora, KRKS-FM
CO, Colorado Springs, HCJB-AM
CO, Colorado Springs, HCJB-FM
CO, Colorado Springs, HCJB-SW
CO, Colorado Springs, KBIQ-FM
CO, Colorado Springs, KGFT-FM
CO, Colorado Springs, KTLF-FM
CO, Denver, KLTT-AM
CO, Fountain, KWYD-AM
CO, Grand Junction, KJOL-AM
CO, Westminster, KPOF-AM
CT, Middletown, WIHS-FM
CT, Milford, WFIF-AM
DE, Milford, WXPZ-FM
DE, Wilmington, WXHL-FM
FL, Altamonte Springs, WHIM-AM
FL, Altamonte Springs, WTLN-AM
FL, Boynton Beach, WRMB-FM
FL, Crawfordville, WAKU-FM
FL, Crestview, WXEI-FM
FL, Fort Lauderdale, WAFG-FM
FL, Fort Myers, WBIY-FM
FL, Fort Myers, WCRM-AM
FL, Fort Myers, WJYO-FM
FL, Fort Myers, WSOR-FM
FL, Gainesville, WJLF-FM
FL, Grand Island, WKFL-AM
FL, Green Cove Springs, WAYR-AM
FL, Green Cove Springs, WAYR-FM
FL, Holly Hill, WAPN-FM
FL, Jacksonville, WBGB-FM
FL, Jacksonville, WNCM-FM
FL, Jacksonville, WROS-AM
FL, Jacksonville, WZAZ-AM
FL, Lake City, WOLR-FM
FL, Lakeland, WCIE-AM
FL, Lakeland, WYFO-FM
FL, Marianna, WJNF-FM
FL, Marianna, WTYS-FM
FL, Melbourne, WCIF-FM
FL, Miami, WAFN-AM
FL, Miami, WIRP-FM
FL, Miami, WMBM-AM
FL, Miami, WMCU-FM
FL, Miami, WMKL-FM
FL, Miami, WRHB-AM
FL, Miami Lakes, Radio Voz Cristiana
FL, Milton, WECM-AM
FL, New Smyrna Beach, WKTO-FM
FL, Ocala, WHIJ-FM
FL, Ocala, WWKO-FM
FL, Odessa, HRGS-AM
FL, Odessa, HRGS-FM
FL, Okeechobee, Family Stations Inc.
FL, Okeechobee, WWFR-FM
FL, Oneco, WBRD-AM
FL, Orlando, WPOZ-FM
FL, Orlando, WRLZ-AM
FL, Palatka, WHIF-FM
FL, Panama City, WJTF-FM
FL, Panama City, WPCF-FM
FL, Pensacola, WASG-AM
FL, Pensacola, WGCX-FM
FL, Pensacola, WNVY-AM
FL, Pensacola, WVTJ-AM
FL, Pensacola, WZNO-AM
FL, Port Charlotte, WVIJ-FM
FL, Port Orange, WJLH-FM
FL, Port Orange, WJLU-FM
FL, Port Orange, WMFJ-AM
FL, Port Richey, WLPJ-FM
FL, Sarasota, WJIS-FM
FL, Sarasota, WSMR-FM
FL, St. Augustine, WAYL-FM
FL, St. Petersburg, WKES-FM
FL, St. Petersburg, WKZM-FM
FL, Starke, WTLG-FM
FL, Stuart, WCNO-FM
FL, Tallahassee, WFRF-AM
FL, Tampa, WLVU-AM
FL, West Palm Beach, Radio 4VEH-AM
FL, West Palm Beach, Radio 4VEH-FM
FL, West Palm Beach, WAYF-FM
GA, Albany, WANL-AM
GA, Athens, WMSL-FM
GA, Atlanta, WAFS-AM
GA, Atlanta, WFSH-FM
GA, Atlanta, WGKA-AM
GA, Atlanta, WLTA-AM
GA, Atlanta, WNIV-AM
GA, Augusta, WFAM-AM
GA, Bloomingdale, WYFS-FM
GA, Bremen, WGMI-AM
GA, Cleveland, WRWH-AM
GA, Commerce, WJJC-AM
GA, Conyers, WPBS-AM
GA, Cumming, WWEV-FM
GA, Dawson, WGNP-FM
GA, Donaldsonville, WBBK-AM
GA, Donalsonville, WSEM-AM
GA, Douglasville, WDCY-AM
GA, Douglasville, WDPC-AM
GA, Fort Valley, WJTG-FM
GA, Griffin, WMVV-FM
GA, Grovetown, WGPH-FM
GA, Grovetown, WLGP-FM
GA, Grovetown, WLPE-FM
GA, Grovetown, WLPF-FM
GA, Grovetown, WLPG-FM
GA, Grovetown, WLPT-FM
GA, Grovetown, WPWB-FM
GA, Hinesville, WGML-AM
GA, La Grange, WOAK-FM
GA, Macon, WLCG-AM
GA, Macon, WLCG-FM
GA, Manchester, Wfdr
GA, Peachtree City, WVFJ-FM
GA, Perry, WCOP-AM
GA, Perry, WCOP-FM
GA, Rossville, WJOC-AM
GA, Roswell, WNEE-FM
GA, Savannah, WLFS-FM
GA, St. Mary’s, WECC-AM
GA, Thomasville, WJEP-AM
GA, Toccoa, B.E.S.T. Radio Kahuzi-FM/SW
GA, Toccoa, WEPC-FM
GA, Toccoa, WLET-AM
GA, Toccoa Falls, WRAF-FM
GA, Valdosta, WAFT-FM
GA, Winder, WYFW-FM
HI, Honolulu, KAIM-AM
HI, Honolulu, KHNR-AM
IA, Des Moines, KDFR-FM
IA, Des Moines, KWKY-AM
IA, Eagle Grove, KJYL-FM
IA, Manchester, KMCH-FM
IA, Shenandoah, KYFR-AM
IA, Sioux Center, KDCR-FM
IA, Sioux Center, KSOU-AM
IA, Sioux City, KAYA-FM
IA, Waterloo, KNWS-AM
IA, Waterloo, KNWS-FM
IA, Waterloo, KWOF-AM
IA, Waterloo, KXEL-AM
ID, Caldwell, KBGN-AM
ID, Caldwell, KTSY-FM
ID, Twin Falls, KCIR-FM
ID, Twin Falls, KEFX-FM
IL, Bourbonnais, WONU-FM/Olivet Nazarene Univ.
IL, Chicago, WKKC-FM
IL, Chicago, WMBI-AM
IL, Chicago, WMBI-FM
IL, Chicago, WYLL-AM
IL, Dennison, WKZI-AM
IL, East Moline, WDLM-AM
IL, East Moline, WDLM-FM
IL, Joliet, WJCH-FM
IL, Litchfield, WSMI-AM
IL, Marion, WBVN-FM
IL, Marion, WGGH-AM
IL, Morris, WCFL-FM
IL, Pekin, WBNH-FM
IL, Pekin, WCIL-FM
IL, Peoria, WPEO-AM
IL, Quincy, WGCA-FM
IL, Ramsey, WJLY-FM
IL, Rockford, WFEN-FM
IL, Rockford, WGSL-FM
IL, Springfield, WLGM-FM
IL, Springfield, WLUJ-FM
IL, Wheaton, WETN-FM
IN, Anderson, WGNR-AM
IN, Anderson, WGNR-FM
IN, Anderson, WQME-FM
IN, Columbus, WAUZ-FM
IN, Covington, WFOF-FM
IN, Elkhart, WFRI-FM
IN, Elkhart, WFRR-FM
IN, Evansville, WBGW-FM
IN, Fort Wayne, WBCJ-FM
IN, Fort Wayne, WBCL-FM
IN, Fort Wayne, WBCY-FM
IN, Fort Wayne, WFCV-AM
IN, Fort Wayne, WLAB-FM
IN, Fort Wayne, WLYV-AM
IN, Huntington, HC-FM & HCTV
IN, Indianapolis, WNTS-AM
IN, Indianapolis, WXIR-FM
IN, Kokomo, WIWC-FM
IN, Lafayette, WHPL-FM
IN, Madison, WORX-FM
IN, North Vernon, WJLR-FM
IN, South Bend, KWHR-SW
IN, South Bend, WHME-FM
IN, South Bend, WHPZ-FM
IN, South Bend, WHRA-SW
IN, South Bend, WHRI-SW
IN, Union City, WJYW-FM
IN, West Harrison, WJYC-FM
KS, Brewster, KGCR-FM
KS, Clay Center, KCLY-FM
KS, Derby, KYFW-FM
KS, Emporia, KNGM-FM
KS, Herington, KJRL-FM
KS, Hutchinson, KCVW-FM
KS, Manhattan, KHCA-FM
KS, Meade, KHYM-FM
KS, Meade, KJIL-FM
KS, Meade, KJOV-FM
KS, Medicine Lodge, KREJ-FM
KS, Medicine Lodge, KSNS-FM
KS, Overland Park, KCCV-AM
KS, Overland Park, KCCV-FM
KS, Overland Park, KCRL-FM
KS, Scott City, KFLA-AM
KS, Silver Lake, KCVT-FM
KS, Topeka, KBUZ-FM
KS, Wichita, KCFN-FM
KS, Wichita, KSGL-AM
KS, Wichita, KTLI-FM
KS, Wichita, KZZD-FM
KY, Ashland, WOKT-AM
KY, Bowling Green, WCVK-FM
KY, Cadiz, WKDZ-AM
KY, Central City, WMTA-AM
KY, Danville, WDFB-AM
KY, Danville, WDFB-FM
KY, Falmouth, WIDS-AM
KY, Falmouth, WIOK-FM
KY, Falmouth, WYGH-AM
KY, Hazard, WJMD-FM
KY, Latonia, WCVG-AM
KY, Lexington, WJMM-FM
KY, London, WYGE-FM
KY, Louisville, WJIE-AM
KY, Louisville, WJIE-FM
KY, Louisville, WLLV-AM
KY, Louisville, WLOU-AM
KY, Louisville, WSOH-FM
KY, Monticello, WFLW-AM
KY, Paducah, WGCF-FM
KY, Scottsville, WLCK-AM
KY, Stanton, WBFC-AM
KY, Vancleve, WMTC-AM
KY, Versailles, WCGW-AM
KY, Wilmore, WACW-FM
LA, Alexandria, KBCE-FM
LA, Baton Rouge, WPFC-AM
LA, Bogalusa, WIKC-AM
LA, Crowley, KAJN-FM
LA, Gretna, WLNO-AM
LA, Lafayette, KSJY-FM
LA, Lake Charles, KLCL-AM
LA, Marrero, KKNO-AM
LA, New Orleans, WSHO-AM
LA, New Orleans, WYLD-AM
LA, Port Allen, KPAE-FM
MA, North Quincy, WEZE-AM
MA, Worcester, WNEB-AM
MD, Baltimore, WITH-AM
MD, Havre De Grace, WJSS-AM
MD, Lanham, WPGC-AM
MD, Potomac, WCTN-AM
MD, Princess Anne, WOLC-FM
MD, Silver Spring, WCRS-FM
MD, Williamsport, WCRH-FM
ME, Augusta, WMDR-AM
ME, Augusta, WWWA-FM
ME, Bangor, WHCF-FM
ME, Bangor, WHMX-FM
ME, Brunswick, WYFP-FM
ME, Caribou, WFST-AM
ME, Freeport, WMSJ-FM
ME, Norway, WKTQ-AM
ME, Norway, WLLB-AM
ME, Norway, WTME-AM
ME, Topsham, WBCI-FM
MI, Albion, WUFN-FM
MI, Albion, WUNN-AM
MI, Ann Arbor, WDEO-AM
MI, Charlotte, WLCM-AM
MI, Clinton Township, WUFL-AM
MI, Coleman, WPRJ-FM
MI, Detroit, WEXL-AM
MI, Detroit, WLLZ-AM
MI, Detroit, WMUZ-FM
MI, Gaylord, WOLW-FM
MI, Gaylord, WPHN-FM
MI, Grand Blanc, WGRI-FM
MI, Grand Rapids, WCSG-FM
MI, Holland, WWJQ-AM
MI, Kalamazoo, WAYK-FM
MI, Midland, WUGN-FM
MI, Pittsford, WPCJ-FM
MI, Port Huron, WNFA-FM
MI, Port Huron, WNFR-FM
MI, Spring Arbor, WSAE-FM
MI, St. Johns, WWSJ-AM
MI, Traverse City, WLJN-AM
MI, Traverse City, WLJN-FM
MI, Williamston, WLGH-FM
MI, Zeeland, WGNB-FM
MN, Blue Earth, KJLY-FM
MN, Duluth, KDNI-FM
MN, Duluth, KDNW-FM
MN, Duluth, WNCB-FM
MN, Duluth, WWJC-AM
MN, Eagan, KKMS-AM
MN, Eagan, KYCR-AM
MN, Fosston, KKEQ-FM
MN, International Falls, KBHW-FM
MN, Osakis, KBHL-FM
MN, Osakis, KCGN-FM
MN, Pequot Lakes, KTIG-FM
MN, Plymouth, WCTS-AM
MN, Rochester, KFSI-FM
MN, St. Cloud, KCFB-FM
MN, St. Paul, KTIS-AM
MN, St. Paul, KTIS-FM
MN, St. Paul, WBCS-FM
MO, Branson, KLFC-FM
MO, Brookline Station, KADI-FM
MO, Centralia, KMFC-FM
MO, Jackson, KUGT-AM
MO, Jefferson City, KMCV-FM
MO, Kansas City, KLJC-FM
MO, Kirksville, KHGN-FM
MO, Kirksville, KLTE-FM
MO, Marble Hill, KMHM-FM
MO, Mexico, KJAB-FM
MO, Mountain Grove, KELE-AM
MO, Mountain Grove, KELE-FM
MO, Poplar Bluff, KOKS-FM
MO, Richmond, KAYX-FM
MO, Richmond, KLEX-AM
MO, Springfield, KSCV-FM
MO, Springfield, KWFC-FM
MO, Springfield, KWND-FM
MO, St. Louis, KFUO-AM
MO, St. Louis, KFUO-FM
MO, St. Louis, KJSL-AM
MO, St. Louis, KSIV-AM
MO, St. Louis, KSIV-FM
MO, Washington, KGNV-FM
MS, Brookhaven, WBKN-FM
MS, Centreville, WPAE-FM
MS, French Camp, WFCA-FM
MS, Grenada, WTGY-FM
MS, Gulfport, WAOY-FM
MS, Holly Springs, WKRA-FM
MS, Kosciusko, WJTA-FM
MS, Tupelo, WAWF-FM
MS, Walnut, WLRC-AM
MT, Belgrade, KGVW-AM
MT, Billings, KMZK-AM
MT, Billings, KURL-AM
MT, Glendive, KGLE-AM
MT, Havre, KBLW
MT, Havre, KGFC-FM
MT, Havre, KMCJ-FM
MT, Havre, KPLG-FM
MT, Havre, KVCM-FM
MT, Havre, KXEI-FM
NC, Albemarle, WABZ-FM
NC, Asheville, WLFA-FM
NC, Asheville, WSKY-AM
NC, Benson, WPYB-AM
NC, Black Mountain, WFGW-AM
NC, Black Mountain, WMIT-FM
NC, Canton, WBCG-AM
NC, Charlotte, WGAS-AM
NC, Charlotte, WOGR-AM
NC, Charlotte, WOGR-FM
NC, Charlotte, WRCM-FM
NC, Claremont, WPIR-FM
NC, Columbus, WJFJ-AM
NC, Durham, WGSB-AM
NC, Durham, WRTG-AM
NC, Durham, WRTP-AM
NC, Elizabeth City, WCNC-AM
NC, Elizabeth City, WFMZ-FM
NC, Franklin, WPFJ-AM
NC, Granite Falls, WYCV-AM
NC, Greensboro, WPET & WKSI
NC, Greenville, WOOW-AM
NC, Kannapolis, WRKB-AM
NC, Kannapolis, WRNA-AM
NC, Kinston, WELS-FM
NC, Mayodan, WLOE-AM
NC, Mayodan, WMYN-AM
NC, Newland, WECR-AM
NC, Newport, WOTJ-FM
NC, Oxford, WCBQ-AM
NC, Pisgah Forest, WGCR-AM
NC, Raeford, WHIL-AM
NC, Raeford, WMFA-AM
NC, Raleigh, WDTF-AM
NC, Rockingham, WJSG-FM
NC, Weldon, WSMY-AM
NC, Wilmington, WDVV-FM
NC, Wilmington, WLSG-AM
NC, Wilmington, WMYT-AM
NC, Wilmington, WWIL-AM
NC, Wilmington, WWIL-FM
NC, Winston-Salem, WBFJ-AM
NC, Winston-Salem, WBFJ-FM
NC, Winston-Salem, WTOB-AM
ND, Fargo, KFNW-FM
ND, Mandan, KNDR-FM
ND, Minot, KHRT-AM
ND, Minot, KHRT-FM
NE, Doniphan, KROA-FM
NE, Lincoln, KLCV-FM
NE, North Platte, KJLT-AM
NE, North Platte, KJLT-FM
NE, Omaha, KCRO-AM
NE, Omaha, KGBI-FM
NE, O’Neill, KGRD-FM
NE, Scottsbluff, KCMI-FM
NH, Derry, WARV-AM
NH, Derry, WDER-AM
NH, New Durham, WSEW-FM
NH, New Durham, WWPC-FM
NJ, Cherry Hill, WSJI-FM
NJ, Hasbrouck Heights, WWDJ-AM
NJ, Manahawkin, WYRS-FM
NJ, Ocean City, WIBG-AM
NJ, Ocean City, WXGN-FM
NJ, Trenton, WIMG-AM
NJ, Zarephath, WAWZ-FM
NM, Alamogordo, KUPR-FM
NM, Albuquerque, KDAZ-AM
NM, Albuquerque, KFLQ-FM
NM, Corrales, KSVA-AM
NV, Carson City, KNIS-FM
NV, Las Vegas, KHMS-FM
NV, Las Vegas, KILA-FM
NV, Las Vegas, KKVV-AM
NV, Las Vegas, KMZL-FM
NY, Buskirk, WNGN-FM
NY, Cape Vincent, WMHI-FM
NY, Champlain, WCHP-AM
NY, Cohoes, WBAR-FM
NY, Cohoes, WHAZ-AM
NY, Cohoes, WMNV-FM
NY, Cohoes, WMYY-FM
NY, Farmington, WZXV-FM
NY, Fulton, WZZZ-AM
NY, Horseheads, WLNL-AM
NY, Lake Katrine, WFGB-FM
NY, Lake Katrine, WGKR-FM
NY, Lake Katrine, WGWR-FM
NY, Lake Katrine, WHVP-FM
NY, Lake Katrine, WLJH-FM
NY, Lake Katrine, WLJP-FM
NY, Lake Katrine, WPGL-FM
NY, Lake Katrine, WRPJ-FM
NY, Lake Katrine, WSSK-FM
NY, New Hartford, WVVC-FM
NY, New York, WMCA-AM
NY, Nyack, WNYK-FM
NY, Rhinebeck, WFSO-FM
NY, Syracuse, WDCW-AM
NY, Syracuse, WMHR-FM
NY, Webster, WMHN-FM
OH, Belpre, WMBP-FM
OH, Castalia, WGGN-FM
OH, Castalia, WJKW-FM
OH, Castalia, WLRD-FM
OH, Cedarville, WCDR-FM
OH, Cedarville, WOHC-FM
OH, Cedarville, WOHP-FM
OH, Cincinnati, WAKW-FM
OH, Cincinnati, WTSJ-AM
OH, Cleveland, WCCD-AM
OH, Cleveland, WCRF-FM
OH, Cleveland, WHLO-AM
OH, Cleveland, WVMN-FM
OH, Cleveland, WVMS-FM
OH, Columbus, WRFD-AM
OH, Conneaut, WGOJ-FM
OH, Dayton, WFCJ-FM
OH, Dayton, WGNZ-AM
OH, Holland, WPOS-FM
OH, Independence, WHK-AM
OH, Independence, WHK-FM
OH, Jefferson, WCVJ-FM
OH, Lancaster, WFCO-FM
OH, Mansfield, WVMC-FM
OH, Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon Nazarene University
OH, New Albany, WCVO-FM
OH, Rushville, WLRY-FM
OH, Springfield, WEEC-FM
OH, Toledo, WYSZ-FM
OH, Upper Sandusky, WXML-FM
OH, Waverly, WXIC-AM
OH, West Carrollton, WQRP-FM
OH, Westerville, WUFM-FM
OH, Zanesville, WCVZ-FM
OK, Altus, KJCM-FM
OK, Altus, KKVO-FM
OK, Atoka, KEOR-AM
OK, Lawton, KJRF-FM (The Christian Center)
OK, Lawton, KVRS-FM
OK, Mangum, KHIM-FM
OK, Marlow, KFXT-FM
OK, Miami, KGLC-FM
OK, Oklahoma City, KQCV-AM
OK, Oklahoma City, KQCV-FM
OK, Oklahoma City, KTLR-AM
OK, Oklahoma City, KTLV-AM
OK, Ponca City, KLVV-FM
OK, Sand Springs, KTFX-AM
OK, Tulsa, KCFO-AM
OK, Tulsa, KMSI-FM
OK, Tulsa, KMUS-AM
OK, Tulsa, KMYZ-AM
OK, Tulsa, KNYD-FM
OK, Tulsa, KORU-FM
OK, Tulsa, KOZO-FM
OK, Tulsa, KRVT-AM
OK, Tulsa, WOFN-FM
OK, Tulsa, WYCS-FM
OR, Albany, KEED-AM
OR, Albany, KHPE-FM
OR, Albany, KWIL-AM
OR, John Day, KGNR-FM
OR, John Day, LBIC Cable Radio
OR, Medford, KDOV-FM
OR, Portland, KBVM-FM
OR, Portland, KKPZ-AM
OR, Portland, KKSL-AM
OR, Springfield, KORE-AM
OR, Umatilla, KLWJ-AM
OR, Winston, KGRV-AM
PA, Allentown, WJCS-FM
PA, Bellefonte, REV-FM
PA, Biglerville, WFKJ-AM
PA, Blue Bell, WTHM-AM
PA, Boyertown, WBYN-FM
PA, Danville, WPGM-AM
PA, Danville, WPGM-FM
PA, Drumore, W220CO-FM
PA, Grantham, WVMM-FM
PA, Hunlock Creek, WRGN-FM
PA, Jersey Shore, WJSA-AM
PA, Jersey Shore, WJSA-FM
PA, Lafayette Hill, WFIL-AM
PA, Lafayette Hill, WZZD-AM
PA, Lancaster, WDAC-FM
PA, Lewisburg, WGRC-FM
PA, Lewisburg, WJRC-FM
PA, Montrose, WPEL-AM
PA, Montrose, WPEL-FM
PA, Nanticoke, WNAK-AM
PA, New Kensington, WGBN-AM
PA, Philipsburg, WPHB-AM
PA, Pittsburgh, WPIT-AM
PA, Red Lion, WINB-SW
PA, Sellersville, WBMP-FM
PA, Sellersville, WBYH-FM
PA, Sellersville, WBYO-FM
PA, Sellersville, WBYX-FM
PA, State College, WQJU-FM
PA, State College, WTLR-FM
PA, Waterford, WCTL-FM
PA, Youngsville, WTMV-FM
SC, Anderson, WRIX-AM
SC, Beaufort, WAGP-FM
SC, Cayce, WYFV-FM
SC, Columbia, WMHK-FM
SC, Columbia, WQXL-AM
SC, Fountain Inn, WFIS-AM
SC, Greenville, WBJU-FM
SC, Greenville, WGFE-AM
SC, Greenville, WLFJ-AM
SC, Greenville, WLFJ-FM
SC, Greenville, WMUU-AM
SC, Greenville, WMUU-FM
SC, Greenwood, WMTY-AM
SC, Little River, WMIR-AM
SC, North Augusta, WAFJ-FM
SC, Pageland, WRML-FM
SD, Rapid City, KLMP-FM
SD, Rapid City, KSLT-FM
SD, Sioux Falls, KNWC-AM
SD, Sioux Falls, KNWC-FM
TN, Bristol, WHCB-FM
TN, Bristol, WHGG-AM
TN, Carthage, WRKM-AM
TN, Chattanooga, WBDX-FM
TN, Chattanooga, WDYN-FM
TN, Chattanooga, WLLJ-FM
TN, Chattanooga, WMBW-FM
TN, Chattanooga, WMKW-FM
TN, Cleveland, Radio & Television Amistad
TN, Columbia, WMRB-AM
TN, Cowan, WZYX-AM
TN, Dickson, WVRY-FM
TN, Fayetteville, WBXR-AM
TN, Franklin, KNLS-SW
TN, Franklin, WAYM-FM
TN, Jackson, WAMP-FM
TN, Jamestown, WCLC-AM
TN, Jamestown, WCLC-FM
TN, Jefferson City, WJFC-AM
TN, Knoxville, WASJ-FM
TN, Knoxville, WITA-AM
TN, Knoxville, WJBZ-FM
TN, Knoxville, WMEN-AM
TN, Knoxville, WRJZ-AM
TN, Knoxville, WYLV-FM
TN, La Follette, WLAF-AM
TN, Memphis, KWAM-AM
TN, Memphis, WBBP-AM
TN, Memphis, WCRV-AM
TN, Mount Pleasant, WXRQ-AM
TN, Murfreesboro, WBOZ-FM
TN, Nashville, WFCM-AM
TN, Nashville, WFCM-FM
TN, Nashville, WNAZ-FM
TN, Nashville, WNAZ-FM
TN, Nashville, WNQM-AM
TN, Nashville, WNRZ-FM
TN, Nashville, WWCR-SW
TN, Newport, WLIK-AM
TN, Savannah, WDNX-FM
TN, Tracy City, WSGM-FM
TX, Abilene, Cowboys Broadcasting
TX, Abilene, KGNZ-FM
TX, Amarillo, KJRT-FM
TX, Amarillo, KPDR-FM
TX, Amarillo, KRGN-FM
TX, Atlanta, KALT-AM
TX, Atlanta, KNHD-AM
TX, Atlanta, KNRB-FM
TX, Atlanta, KPYN-AM
TX, Austin, KFIT-AM
TX, Baytown, KWWJ-AM
TX, Brownwood, KPSM-FM
TX, Brownwood, KXYL-AM
TX, Brownwood, KXYL-FM
TX, Bryan, KAGC-AM
TX, Canton, KVCI-AM
TX, Carthage, KGAS-AM
TX, Conroe, KAXF-FM
TX, Corpus Christi, KBNJ-FM
TX, Corpus Christi, KCTA-AM
TX, Corpus Christi, KFGG-FM
TX, Corpus Christi, KLUX-FM
TX, Dallas, KCBI-FM
TX, Dallas, KMQX-FM
TX, Dallas, KTNO-AM
TX, Dallas, KTPW-FM
TX, Dallas, KVTT-FM
TX, Eagle Pass, KEPI-FM
TX, Eagle Pass, KEPX-FM
TX, Edinburg, KOIR-FM
TX, Edinburg, KRIO-AM
TX, El Paso, KELP-AM
TX, El Paso, KROL-FM
TX, El Paso, KRUC-FM
TX, El Paso, KVER-FM
TX, El Paso, KVIV-AM
TX, Hereford, KNNK-FM
TX, Houston, KANJ-FM
TX, Houston, KHCB-AM
TX, Houston, KHCB-FM
TX, Houston, KHCH-AM
TX, Houston, KHCL-FM
TX, Houston, KHCP-FM
TX, Houston, KHKV-FM
TX, Houston, KHTA-FM
TX, Houston, KKER-FM
TX, Houston, KKHT-AM
TX, Irving, KPXI-FM
TX, Irving, KSKY-AM
TX, Irving, KWRD-FM
TX, Jacksonville, KBJS-FM
TX, Jasper, KTXJ-AM
TX, Keene, KJCR-FM
TX, Laredo, KBNL-FM
TX, Laredo, KBNR-FM
TX, Levelland, KLVT-AM
TX, Lubbock, KAMY-FM
TX, Lubbock, KJAK-FM
TX, Lubbock, KOFR-FM
TX, Lufkin, KAVX-FM
TX, Lufkin, KSWP-FM
TX, Malakoff, KLVQ-AM
TX, McAllen, KVMV-FM
TX, Odessa, KFLB-AM
TX, Odessa, KFLB-FM
TX, Plainview, KWLD-FM
TX, San Angelo, KCRN-AM
TX, San Angelo, KCRN-FM
TX, San Antonio, KDRY-AM
TX, San Antonio, KSLR-AM
TX, Tyler, KGLY-FM
TX, Wichita Falls, KMOC-FM
TX, Wichita Falls, KTEO-FM
UT, Ogden, KANN-AM
UT, Provo, KEYY-AM
VA, Arlington, WABS-AM
VA, Arlington, WAVA-FM
VA, Blacksburg, WPAR-FM
VA, Bristol, WZAP-AM
VA, Broadway, WBTX-AM
VA, Broadway, WLTK-FM
VA, Chase City, WMEK-AM
VA, Chesapeake, WYFI-FM
VA, Chester, WGCV-AM
VA, Chester, WGGM-AM
VA, Churchville, WNLR-AM
VA, Danville, WVOV-AM
VA, Falls Church, WFAX-AM
VA, Hampton, WHOV-FM
VA, Herndon, World for Christ Radio-SW
VA, Luray, WYFT-FM
VA, Lynchburg, WRVL-FM
VA, Lynchburg, WRXT-FM
VA, Lynchburg, WWMC-FM
VA, Martinsville, WODY-AM
VA, Pennington Gap, WSWV-AM
VA, Pulaski, WBLB-AM
VA, Quinque, WKTR-AM
VA, Richlands, WGTH-AM
VA, Richlands, WGTH-FM
VA, Roanoke, WKBA-AM
VA, Roanoke, WKPA-AM
VA, Roanoke, WRIS-AM
VA, Smithfield, WKGM-AM
VA, Spotsylvania, WJYJ-FM
VA, Virginia Beach, WODC-FM
VA, Warrenton, WPER-FM
VA, Warrenton, WPRZ-AM
VA, Winchester, WTRM-FM
VA, Woodstock, WAZR-FM
VT, Essex, WCKJ-FM
VT, Essex, WCMD-FM
WA, Anacortes, KLKI-AM
WA, Blaine, KARI-AM
WA, Chehalis, KACS-FM
WA, Ellensburg, KCSH-FM
WA, Kennewick, KTWY-FM
WA, Longview, KZOE-FM
WA, Lynden, KWPZ-FM
WA, Pullman, KRLF-FM
WA, Seattle, KCIS-AM
WA, Seattle, KCMS-FM
WA, Seattle, KGNW-AM
WA, Seattle, KKMO-AM
WA, Seattle, KLFE-AM
WA, Spokane, KGDN-FM
WA, Spokane, KGER-FM
WA, Spokane, KMBI-AM
WA, Spokane, KMBI-FM
WA, Spokane, KMLW-FM
WA, Spokane, KSPL-FM
WA, Spokane, KSPO-FM
WA, Spokane, KTAC-FM
WA, Spokane, KTBI-AM
WA, Spokane, KTRW-AM
WA, Spokane, KYAK-AM
WA, Tumwater, KVSN-AM
WA, Walla Walla, KLRF-FM
WA, Wenatchee, KPLW-FM
WA, Yakima, KLRO-FM
WA, Yakima, KSOH-FM
WI, Chippewa Falls, WOGO-AM
WI, Chippewa Falls, WWIB-FM
WI, Eau Claire, WHEM-FM
WI, Madison, WNWC-AM
WI, Madison, WNWC-FM
WI, Milladore, WGNV-FM
WI, Milwaukee, KCVS-FM
WI, Milwaukee, KVCX-FM
WI, Milwaukee, KVCY-FM
WI, Milwaukee, WGLB-AM
WI, Milwaukee, WVCF-FM
WI, Milwaukee, WVCN-FM
WI, Milwaukee, WVCX-FM
WI, Milwaukee, WVCY-AM
WI, Milwaukee, WVCY-FM
WI, Plymouth, WJUB-AM
WI, Schofield, WCLQ-FM
WI, Sturgeon Bay, WRGX-FM
WI, Suring, WRVM-FM
WV, Beckley, WJLS-AM
WV, Fort Gay, WFGH-FM
WV, Huntington, WEMM-FM
WV, Huntington, WMUL-FM
WV, Lewisburg, WRLB-FM
WV, Montgomery, WZKM-FM
WV, Moundsville, WRKP-FM
WV, South Charleston, WJYP-FM
Canadian Broadcasters:
Province, City, Call lettersAB, Calgary, CJSI-FM
AB, Edmonton, CJCA-AM
AB, High River, CHRB-AM
MB, Winnipeg, CHVN-FM
NF, Mount Pearl, VOAR-AM
ON, Ottawa, CHRI-FM
International Broadcasters:Agotnes, Northern Star International Broadcasters-AM
Alsace, Audincourt, Radio Omega
Alsace, Mulhouse Cedex, Radio Phare-FM
Alsace, Mulhouse Cedex, Radio Phare-FM
Alsace, Strasbourg, Radio Arc En Ciel-FM
Arusha, Supreme Radio-AM
Balboa, HOXO-AM
Bangkok 10110, FEBC Radio International-SW
Bogota, HJJW-AM
Bonaire, Trans World Radio (Bonaire)-AM
Bonaire, Trans World Radio (Bonaire)-FM
Bretagne, Concarneau, Studio 5-FM
Bretagne, St. Malo, Radio Parole De Vie-FM
Bucuresti, Radio Voice of the Gospel FM
Guam, Agana Heights, KSDA-FM
Guam, Asan, KTWG-AM
Guam, Barrigada, KHMG-FM
Guatemala City, Radio TGNA-SW
Guatemala City, Radio TGNC-SW
Guatemala City, TGN-AM
Guatemala City, TGN-FM
Indian Ocean, Seychelles, FEBA Radio-SW
Kingston 19, LOVE-FM
Kristiansand, Norea Radio
London, Premier Christian Radio
Lorraine, Epinal Cedex, Radio Cristal-FM
Lorraine, Epinal Cedex, Radio Cristal-FM
Monrovia, ELWA Radio
Moscow, Radio Center-AM
Normandie, Caudebec Eb Caux, Radio Fraternite-FM
Normandie, Evreux, Radio Plus-FM
Normandie, Le Havre, Radio Albatros-FM
Normandie, Rouen, Radio La Sentinelle-FM
Oslo N-0155, Christian Radio Norway-FM
Pacific Harbour, Radio Light-FM
Perpignan, FM Evangile 66-FM
Port-au-Prince, Radio Lumiere-FM
Puerto Rico, Caguas, WBRQ-FM
Puerto Rico, Carolina, WIDA-AM
Puerto Rico, Carolina, WIDA-FM
Puerto Rico, Guayama, WCRP-FM (Ministerio Radial Cristo)
Puerto Rico, Juana Diaz, WCGB-AM
Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, WNNV-FM
Puerto Rico, San Juan, WERR-FM/Redentor 104
Puerto Rico, San Juan, WIVV-AM
Puerto Rico, San Juan, WZOL-FM
Puerto Rico, Santurce, WBMJ-AM
Queensland, Springwood, Vision-FM (UCB Australia Ltd.)
Radio Africa #2-SW
Radio Africa-SW
Radio East Africa-SW
Reunion, St. Denis, Radio Vie-FM
Rhone Alpes, Grenoble, Radio Certitude-FM
Rhone Alpes, La Verpilliere, Radio Colombe-FM
Sainte-Foy, CION-FM
Saipan MP, KFBS-SW
Saipan, KSAI-AM
Seoul 121-707, HLAZ-AM
Seoul 121-707, HLAZ-FM
Seoul 121-707, HLDD-FM
Seoul 121-707, HLKX-AM
Seoul 121-707, HLKX-FM
St. George, Faith FM, Barbados Broadcsting Service Ltd.
Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent, UCB Europe
Sucre, Radio Vida Nueva
Sud-ouest, L’honor De Cos, Radio Espoir 82-FM
Sud-ouest, Port Sainte Marie, Radio Espoir-FM
Sud-ouest, Port Sainte Marie, Radio Espoir-FM
Sud-ouest, Port Sainte Marie, Radio Espoir-FM
Tasmania, New Town, FM-103.3
Tasmania, WAY-FM
Tegucigalpa, HRVC-AM
West Australia, Morley Perth, Good News Broadcasters/Sonshine FM
West Midlands, West Bromwich, Christian Voice Limited (VOICE FM)
Windhoek, Media for Christ/Channel 7 Radio-FM
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