About US

Founded in 1979, Word Productions’ purpose has always been to publish the Gospel; helping Christian ministers publish the Word of God on the printed page getting the ‘Gospel into all the earth.’ The company is based on Christian values and will not produce adult or questionable materials. We are involved in Design, Printing, Publishing, Digital Publishing, APP Creation,  Publicity, Radio, Television, and Web. To see a few samples click: PORTFOLIO.

ANSWERS Regarding Your Book:

Can I Have National Distribution?
Within 6-8 weeks after it is published and available online it will go to international distribution. It will be in the wholesalers and bookstore databases for purchase. Please browse our pages to view the packages suited to your need. Feel free to email us for more information. Read below to find out just what “having a distributor means.” IT will be available in Europe and UK and other places even for a single book purchase. It will be available through most international online bookseller Websites.

Who Will Buy My Books?
Speaking is the number one reason that books are sold. If you are not already speaking or on a public media outlet with your ministry, then distribution will not help you yet. Get your book done, but buy them as needed for doors and events that you are invited to or can arrange.

What Does It Mean to Have a Distributor?
Distribution does not mean that the distributor will send your book to bookstores, etc. or that they are pre-bought by Barnes and Noble and many others. Unfortunately, many have misled aspiring authors. Distribution means that they will appear in the international online databases for bookstores to purchase. Again, if you are not known…how will they know you? It is a reality check for many.

It means that your book “becomes available” but only if someone has a reason to buy your books. You can buy space in catalogs, go to book shows, you will be represented by them to national bookstores… IF a bookstore wants to buy it, they will buy it.

False Advertising Claims?
As your ministry grows, the viability of distribution grows. We will not give you false claims or hopes. This is about publishing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and letting God lead you in all that you do.  If we can serve you in your ministry and desire to publish the Gospel, then we want to do that!

Should I? OR, Shouldn’t I?
If God isn’t in it, nothing happens anyway. It is still all about Jesus Christ and publishing His Word for God’s glory, and believe me…the Lord is definitely in the business of publishing His Word throughout the earth on the printed page.