Budget Ministry

BUDGET MINISTRY Package; ONLY for books already well-written, edited by your staff:

$1,375:  5.5 x 8.5 or 6 x 9 [CAN purchase individual SERVICES such as editing, proofing, et.]

NOTE: Price additional $2/page over 152 pages



NOTE: all prices for standard size books NOT for workbooks or graphic-intensive books.

You provide fully edited [required] and proofed text:

  1. You will set up your own ministry account on amazon [with our help] which will enable you to receive all royalties, etc.
  2. Layout design for book text insides. Graphic, Tables, or Photos $25 each.
  3. Cover design 
  4. ISBN
  5. Your book will be available online internationally.
  6. Press Release to 1,000 Christian media radio & TV  sources [If you also want photo of your book, $75 additional].
  7. Your book will be available to bookstores wholesale, ALSO appear in the INGRAM bookstore databases within 6-8 weeks of availability; bookstores may then purchase at wholesale.

SEPARATE FEES if NOT the package:

  1. EDITING with layout is approximately $4-7 a page. IF intensive, as in workbooks it is more.
  2. Editorial Proofing $2.50 a page [where we make the changes needed]

NOTE: Additional fees for more than package allows, including advertising and other marketing options and any photos or graphics you desire in your book. You must share in marketing your book. Most authors hire a publicist. Remember if they don’t know YOU or the name of your book, how can they want it or order it?

Kindle version not included but may be purchased for an additional cost.