Silver Package

SILVER Package:

$q,1,875:  5.5 x 8.5 or 6 x 9 [CAN purchase individual SERVICES such as editing, proofing, et.]




NOTE: All prices for standard size books NOT for workbooks or graphics-intensive books.

You provide fully edited [required] and proofed text:

  1. One final editorial proofing with our staff; your book is already “a book” but needs a final run-through.
  2. IF your book still needs a FULL EDITING “editor,” we will recommend our best sources for you to get what is needed. Your book MUST be ready to layout.
  3. Layout design for book text insides. Graphics/photos $25 each.
  4. Cover design 
  5. ISBN
  6. 50% Royalty on the “net” of books sold [wholesale cost].
  7. 10 books sent to you initially…then 50% off plus shipping on books you purchase.
  8. Your book will be available online internationally.
  9. Your book will be available to bookstores wholesale, ALSO appear in the INGRAM bookstore databases within 6-8 weeks of availability; bookstores may then purchase at wholesale.
  10. Kindle version available for additional fee.

SEPARATE FEES if NOT the package:

  1. EDITING with layout is approximately $7 a page. IF intensive, as in workbooks it is more.

NOTE: Additional fees for more than package allows. NOTE: Price additional $2/page over 175 pages