Gold Package

GOLD Package:

$3,875:  5.5 x 8.5 or 6×9

If you provide fully edited [required] and proofed text:

  1. One final proofing with our staff; your book is already “a book” but needs a final run-through. IF your book still needs a FULL EDITING “editor,” that is available at an additional cost of $3.50 per page. They will also check your references.
  2. IF your book is not written as expected NOTE THE above EDITING CHARGE.
  3. Layout design for book text insides. Graphics/photos additional.
  4. Cover designs [2 choices].
  5. ISBN
  6. 50% Royalty on the net of books sold [wholesale cost].
  7. 25 books initially…then 50% off plus shipping on books you purchase.
  8. Your book will be available online internationally. 
  9. Your book will ALSO appear in the INGRAM bookstore databases and in other wholesaler’s databases within 6-8 weeks of availability; bookstores may then purchase at wholesale.
  10. NOTE: Additional fees for more than package allows, including advertising and other marketing options and any photos or graphics you desire in your book. You must share in marketing your book. Most authors hire a publicist.
  11. A National Press release will be distributed to national radio, television, news outlets through Christian Newswire.
  12. Kindle version not included but may be purchased for an additional cost of $375